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About us

Balponics, hydroponic systems

Our founder and CEO Bernard Balmir is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in start ups, business development and management. A former senior executive in mid to large telecom companies Mr. Balmir has extensive experience in business innovation and niche market development.

Our co-founder and CFO Marcel Villedrouin is CEO of Le Montcel Since 2021, a hotel and farming operation in Belot Kenscoft established over 18 years ago by his late father Phillipe Villedrouin a pioneer for modern
agriculture in Haiti.

Balponics is a regional company incubated in Haiti since 2015, founded and headquartered in the Dominican Republic in 2022.
Our B2B model sells and offers services of evaluation, design, installation, support, and maintenance of hydroponic systems

Our initiative is also meant to contribute in protecting the environment, water resources. Reduce Soil degradation and topsoil loss by the heavy use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers applied to traditional agriculture.
Hydroponics is soilless agriculture where fertilizers are provided to the plants directly in the root system in a close loop recirculating process. It conserves up to 90% of the water used for a similar culture. It decreases time to harvest by 25% and uses only 20% of the space required for a similar production when using the vertical method

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):
Balponics stands out in the industry for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. We utilize cutting-edge hydroponic technology to produce a wide range of crops, ensuring consistent quality and supply to meet the demands of our customers.

Market Presence:
Our hydroponically grown produce caters to a diverse market, including local restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and individual consumers who seek fresh and locally sourced ingredients. We also collaborate with educational institutions and community organizations to promote hydroponics as a sustainable farming method.

Commitment to Sustainability:
At Balponics, sustainability is at the core of our business. We employ closed-loop hydroponic systems that use up to 90% less water than traditional farming. By eliminating the need for chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, we contribute to reducing soil degradation and water pollution.

Balponics actively seeks partnerships with local farmers, environmental  organizations, and government agencies to promote sustainable agriculture and address food security challenges in ourregion.

Balponics Hydroponics is dedicated to reshaping the future of agriculture through innovative, sustainable, and environmentally responsible practices. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community engagement drives our vision to create a healthier and more food-secure world.